Responsible drinking

For reasonable tasting: develop your sense of responsibility!

 The Bordeaux Wine Festival raises awareness

The Bordeaux Wine Festival remains a "tasting" festival and is part of a responsible consumption approach. A partnership with Vin & Société will allow the setting up of a prevention area, as well as the distribution of responsible consumption guides at the event's Ticketing and Information points. 

For optimal awareness, the APIPAF Association will raise visitors' awareness of the risks of uncontrolled consumption (distribution of single-use breathalysers).

© Arnaud Brukhnoff
© Arnaud Brukhnoff

A Festival to consume in moderation

Also to encourage responsible alcohol consumption, the Bordeaux Wine Festival offers juice and water bars. Finally, for safe travel, public transport is included in the tasting pass. 

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation. 

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