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The Bordeaux Wine Festival invites you to discover the world and culture of wine with a programme designed for all audiences. Each year features all the elements that have made the event such a success: exhibitions, workshops, stands for the little ones, musical entertainment, games, and unique major shows to make the participants' eyes water!

The Bordeaux Wine School

Learn to enjoy better is the motto of the Bordeaux Wine School, the must-see stop on the wine route, which offers ever more original and exciting tasting experiences. All workshops are accessible with the Tasting Pass.

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Full program of activities in 2024

From June 27 to 30, join us along the quays, which will remain open to the public, for a wide range of activities for all ages.


The Bordeaux Wine Festival is a festive moment where young and old can have fun. The Anima'Vigne programme includes games and workshops built around materials from the world of wine, such as barrels, bottles and corks. Anima'Vigne is therefore an opportunity to show how these materials can be recovered to create new objects, new furniture, or simply to return to their original use.


Created by the Bordeaux collective l'Orangeade, Mimillésime is dedicated to young oenologists in the making, who can express themselves on a participative work of art, learn more about 4 major stages in the life of the vine (spring, summer, autumn, winter) or discover an insect hotel.

THE Wine Pong allows wine lovers to get together for convivial moments of sharing thanks to a community of partner wine merchants and winemakers throughout France. This year again, invites festival-goers to take part in a Wine Pong! The rules of the game were simple: two teams of four people compete against each other and the winning team is the one that puts the ball in the three barrels first!


A loyal partner of the Bordeaux Wine Festival, the Tonnellerie Nadalié will once again be setting up its barrels on the quayside this year to showcase its craft. The programme includes demonstrations of barrel assembly and toasting to reveal the secrets of this ancestral know-how.


The exhibition pavilion "Paroles de Négociants" offers both a "dynamic" photo-portrait walk and multi-sensory experiences. The négociants invite the public to discover Bordeaux from another angle: to understand what the négoce is, its career opportunities and its creativity. Their wines "move" the lines and propose new moments of consumption to twist Bordeaux without complex.

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© © Vincent Bengold
© © Vincent Bengold
© © Vincent Bengold

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