The Bordeaux Wine Festival 2023: a unique drone show A look back

In 2023, the Bordeaux Wine Festival unveiled a major new feature: a ballet of drones performed over two evenings to surprise and amaze locals and visitors alike. On the Friday and Saturday evenings, the public enjoyed extraordinary shows from the left bank of the Garonne river.

Two new, tailor-made air shows

This was one of the great novelties of this 2023 edition: 500 drones illuminated the skies of Bordeaux during two evening shows on Friday 23 and Saturday 24 June.

This creation was conceived and designed for the Bordeaux Wine Festival to promote Bordeaux wines and biodiversity.

The flight of drones performed, to music, a choreography that can be seen from the Wine Festival site on the left bank, where access was free. This festive and innovative performance was nonetheless respectful of the environment as it leaves no residue behind, leaves the site perfectly intact, and induces a recycling of the drones' batteries (each device has a life span of 400 flights).

  • More information to come on the 2024 major shows.

A local company using 100% French drones

The company Dronisos, a pioneer in the creation of autonomous drone shows, had been chosen to carry out this project. Based in Bègles, it operates at major international events and amusement parks. Dronisos has developed its own technology, unique in the world, and flies Parrot drones, manufactured in France.

The show will take place at night on 23 and 24 June 11pm

A look back

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