Avant-Première events: restaurants & wine shops

As part of the Avant-Premiere events, The Bordeaux Wine Festival will take place throughout the metropolis, but also in the Gironde region, starting June 15 2023! Two operations are taking place: from 15 to 18 June, the Bordeaux Wine Festival in restaurants, and from 15 to 25 June the Wine Festival in wine shops. On the programme: exclusive events that invite participants to taste differently, while discovering new places!

Two events for twice the fun!

To prolong the party before and after the festival, the Bordeaux Wine Festival is coming to local restaurants and wine shops. Find all the information below:

the wine festival in restaurants

From 15 to 18 June, the festival will be held in restaurants in the Bordeaux metropolis with gourmet menus specially prepared for the occasion. This event is an opportunity to meet local professionals and to learn more about their profession and about wine.

  • When? From 15 to 18 June
  • Where? In the Bordeaux metropolis

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the wine festival in wine shops

The Bordeaux Wine Festival is also available at wine shops throughout the Gironde! (Re)discover their selection of Bordeaux wines and meet the winegrowers and merchants of the Bordeaux vineyards who will tell you, with passion, the story behind each bottle of wine!

  • When? From 15 to 25 June
  • Where? In the Gironde

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The Avant-Première events programme

Before the Wine Festival, come and share a convivial moment around wine during the Avant-Première events. On the programme: wine-tasting concerts, original walks and gourmet meals!

More about the Bordeaux Wine Festival