The Morgenster

The Morgenster is a Dutch brig, a two-masted sailing ship with a steel hull and deck. Launched in 1919, she was used for many years as a fishing boat in the North Sea, before being restored and returned to tall ship racing in 2008. Morgenster is now part of the Frisian Sailing Company fleet, and operates mainly along the coasts of Western Europe.

Discover the Morgenster

The Morgenster is a traditional sailing yacht that combines authentic details with contemporary luxury, making it versatile for a variety of events such as parties, reunions, weddings and receptions, as well as being suitable for active cruising thanks to its sporty qualities. She can accommodate up to 36 people for cruising, with 8 cabins available, and up to 90 people for day events.

  • Country of origin: Netherlands
  • Home port: Le Helder
  • Overall length: 48 metres
  • Date of construction: 1919
  • Construction material: Steel
  • Architect: Harry Muter
  • Number of sails: 17 sails

Did you know? The history of the Morgenster

The Morgenster was built in 1919 under the name "De Vrouw Maria" as a herring tug. In 1927, she was lengthened by 7 meters and converted into a motor fishing vessel. She was renamed Morgenster in 1959 and continued to be used as a fishing vessel until 1970. She was bought by her current owners, Marian and Harry Muter, who converted her into a sailing yacht in 1983. She made her maiden voyage as a sail training ship in 2008, after being refitted as a brig.


After having been a fishing and sport-fishing vessel, she was transformed into a pirate radio station for "Radio Del Mare" in 1980. But just before setting sail, she was seized by the police. 

Le Morgenster naviguant sur l'océan © Morgenster
Le Morgenster naviguant sur l'océan © Morgenster

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