The Français

The Français is a tall ship of the three-masted barque type, moored in the heart of the corsair town of Saint-Malo, France. Built in 1948 at the J. Ring-Andersen shipyard, she initially served as a traditional Baltic cargo ship for the Royal Greenland Trading Company under the name Kaskelot.

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In the 60s, she was used as a support vessel for pilot whale fishing in the Faroe Islands, before being converted into a two-masted barque by Square Sail in the UK for TV and film productions.

  • Country of origin: France
  • Home port: Saint-Malo
  • Overall length: 46 metres
  • Date of construction: 1948
  • Construction material: Wood
  • Architect: Unknown
  • Number of sails: 21 sails

Did you know? The history of the Français

In 2018, she began a new life under the French flag, paying homage to the three-masted schooner that took part in the first Charcot expedition to Antarctica. Le Français underwent a complete restoration in the UK, with over 55,000 man-hours dedicated to recovering her original features while incorporating the latest technology and navigation equipment. The yacht has a capacity of 100 passengers at sea and 150 alongside, offering a main salon, berth cabins, and a restored original slipway for various events.

Voilier le Français
Voilier le Français © Le Français

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