Traffic modification right bank/left bank

On the quays: traffic modified from 10/06 to 05/07

Because the Bordeaux Wine Festival is not a one-day event, the quays of the Garonne will be gradually closed to pedestrians and cyclists between 10/06 and 05/07:

  • Closed from 10/06 to 05/07: Miroir d'eau > Platanes
  • Closed from 06/13 to 07/05: Platanes > Restaurant Ibaïa Café
  • Closed from 06/17 to 07/05: Platanes
  • Closed from 06/18 to 07/03: Miroir d'eau > Maison écocitoyenne


Déviation 24

To ensure that everyone can continue to move around easily and safely during the set-up, the event and the dismantling, Bordeaux City Hall, the Metropole de Bordeaux and the organizers are setting up a new pathway from 18/06 to 04/07: 

  • A path in the Jardin des Lumières will be laid out for pedestrians.
  • The roadside cycle path will remain accessible to cyclists only.

Refer to the map to find out which route to take!

Right bank / left bank: closure of the Pierre bridge & the Parc aux Angéliques

As part of the Bordeaux Wine Festival and the drone shows on June 28 and 29, traffic disruptions are expected in the Parc aux Angéliques area, on the right and left bank quays, and on the Pont de Pierre during the shows.

Access to the Parc aux Angéliques will be closed

  • Night of Monday 24th to Tuesday 25th, from 2am to 5am
  • Tuesday night, 25th to Wednesday night, 26th, from 2am to 5am
  • Friday 28th, from 9pm to midnight
  • Saturday 29th, from 9pm to 12am

The Pont de Pierre will be closed

  • Friday 28, 10:30 pm to 11:30 pm
  • Saturday 29, 10.30 pm to 11.30 pm

Légende fermeture drones

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