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Mouton Cadet – Baron Philippe de Rothschild

It was in 1930 that Baron Philippe de Rothschild created Mouton Cadet in order to share the wealth of Bordeaux’s soil on a wider scale.

Véronique Hombroekx, Directrice Générale du Pôle d’Activité Marques – Baron Philippe de Rothschild S.A.
Mouton Cadet

"Mouton Cadet benefits from the specialist knowledge and skills of our passionate winemakers and œnologists, who eschew tradition to create a wine that has a unique identity, where respect for the land and for people meets the spirit of liberty and originality.”

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The Tasting Pass is essential to discover and taste the quality and diversity of Bordeaux and New Aquitaine wines. Take advantage of the exceptional price of €16 from March 10th to June 7th (instead of €21).

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