Médoc Wines

The Medoc Vineyard differs from other wine regions thanks to a unique combination of many different characteristics: its size, its economic weight, its unique geographical location between two large bodies of water, the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Gironde estuary to the east, the variety of its crus, the respect for tradition alongside the adoption of the latest techniques, the prestigious brands and of course it's terroir.

Come and discover the Médoc vineyards by meeting the men and women who shape them on a daily basis. Terroir is a vast notion, often assimilated to the typicities of the soils and the climatology. But it also includes a human factor essential to understand the character of its wines. You will meet on our booth these authentic and unique personalities, who will explain their work, their passion and will make you taste a wide variety of wines from the Médoc peninsula.

Short Masterclass from the Bordeaux Wine School will also be given every day on the booth, if you wish to deepen your knowledge and understand the specificities of this unique vineyard.

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