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The Tall Ships

They captivated the visitors who came to seem them in 2018, and the tall ships are back again this year, proudly mooring along the quays. During the four days of the Bordeaux Wine Festival, come and discover these legendary boats: walk upon the bridge, meet the crews, and let yourself be whisked away to another world.


The Belem, a rare ship from the 19th century, is back for the 2022 edition of the Bordeaux Wine Festival! Make the most of the chance to discover every nook and cranny of this sailing boat. If you want to know more about its history, the customs of their crew, what life is like on board, plus some sailing lingo, don’t miss this opportunity.

This is the last of the great 19th-century French merchant ships still active. During its 120 years of adventure, this three-master ship, with square rigging and a steel hull, has had no less than five different lives and changed nationality three times, eventually flying its native Tricolore flag once more.

Le Belem began life as a merchant ship, transporting beans, rum and sugar to France from Brazil, French Guiana and the West Indies. In 1914, she was sold to the Duke of Westminster, who transformed the ship into a luxury pleasure yacht. She was then sold to Lord Guinness in 1921, before becoming a training ship for young officers in the merchant navy. In 1979, the Belem reclaimed its original name and flag: the French flag. It is a listed historical monument. Since 1987, after 5 years of restoration work, it has been a civil sailing school, open to all.



  • Three-masted barque built in France in 1896

  • Flag: French Class A

  • Length: 58.80m


Visit the Belem

Belem, a rare ship from the 19th century, is back for the 2022 edition of the Bordeaux Wine Festival! Make the most of it by taking a tour to discover every facet of this tall ship: learn all about its history, its naval customs, daily life on board and sailing terminology. Don’t miss out.

Bordeaux Wine Festival
Take a tour of Belem

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The Thalassa is a three-masted schooner, 50 metres in length, and she’ll be docking in Bordeaux from 23rd to 26th June for the Bordeaux Wine Festival. Step on board one of the grandest and fastest ships in the Dutch fleet. Take the time to learn the ship’s history in a warm, comfortable atmosphere.

The Thalassa is a 50 metre-long three-masted schooner, and it was the subject of substantial renovation work in 1995. This beautiful tall ship’s story begins with drama and a rescue mission. She was built with the hull of a Dutch fishing boat, the Relinquenda, which sank straight to the bottom of the Wadden Sea, close to the island of Texel after impaling itself on a wreck from the Second World War. It was swiftly refloated and tugged to the coast. A buyer purchased the hull to make a yacht but subsequently went bankrupt. In 1995, Arnold Hylkema and Henk Stallinga, two friends, decided to use it to make the boat of their dreams. Keeping only the hull, they made a luxurious tall ship, and they still own the ship to this day. With its 18 cabins, the ship travels in the company of 34 passengers, in addition to the crew.


  • 3-masted schooner

  • Flag: Netherlands Class A

  • Length: 50.00 m

Visit the Thalassa

A 50-metre three-masted schooner, Thalassa is docking from 23rd to 26th June for the Bordeaux Wine Festival. Board one of the grandest and fastest ships in the Dutch fleet. Take a moment to learn about this ship's history in a warm, comfortable atmosphere.

Bordeaux Wine Festival
Take a tour of Thalassa, a traditional sailing ship

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Nao Victoria

The Nao Victoria is a replica of the famous Victoria: the first ship to travel around the world between 1519 and 1522. Accompanied by four other boats from the Spanish fleet, the captain, Fernand de Magellan, led an expedition to explore the western route to the Spice Islands. The Victoria was the only boat to return from this trip.

The last trace of the ship goes back to 1547, with an account detailing how she disappeared during a voyage between Saint-Domingue and Spain.

Before beginning construction on the Nao Victoria, a long process of historical research was carried out by Ignacio Fernandez Vial, the ship’s designer and builder, tracing the original ship’s form and identifying its characteristics as a ship (a rounded hull and a forecastle and aftercastle).

Visit the Nao Victoria

Climb aboard the recreation of the Victoria, characterised by its rounded hull and two high castles fore and aft.

Bordeaux Wine Festival
Set off on board the Nao Victoria, a carrack from the 2000s

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