The concours de Bordeaux "Interlude" Pavlilion

Far more than just a normal tasting: Le Concours de Bordeaux are offering a real, fully immersive, sensorial experience, with musical and visual ambiance, created specially for the occasion.

They promise a tasting session with award-winning wines from the Concours de Bordeaux competition, mixing the expected with the unexpected. All of the visitors’ senses are called upon: sight, smell, taste (of course)... as well as hearing and touch, two senses rarely associated with a tasting session.

Basically, it’s an original experience which the visitor can share, after the session, with the winegrower responsible for the wine they’ve tasted.

Through this event, La Chambre d’Agriculture de la Gironde (“The Gironde Chamber of Agriculture”) intends to highlight the medal winners from Le Concours de Bordeaux. These medals are an indicator of quality and help the consumer choose their wine with complete confidence. Le Concours de Bordeaux – Vins d’Aquitaine is an event organised by La Chambre d’Agriculture de la Gironde.