Access to the ticket office

How to use your Tasting Pass ?

The magnetic card that is given to you when the pruchase is made uses « cashless » technology. Once this card is in your hand, you won’t have to take out your wallet anymore !

On this card, 11 tasting are credited, as well as the tasting class on the Bordeaux Wine School Pavillion.
In order to use it, give your card to the staff on the pavillion, they will scan it and give it back.

Your card is credited with : 

  • 10 tastings to be used in each of the pavillions (1 tasting per pavillion) 
  • 1 ‘favorite’ tasting, to allow you to return to the pavillion of your choosing 
  • 1 tasting class on the Bordeaux Wine School Pavillion

Your Pass is valid for the entire duration of the Festival and you can use your credits as you please during the 4 days.
Your credits are used as you taste. 
Unused credits will not be paid back. 

How can I check my credit balance ?

Digital terminals are available at the 4 information points. They allow you to check your credit balance and know how many credits are left on your card.
Winegrowers and pavillion staff will not be able to communicate your remaining credit.

Can I top up my Tasting Pass ?

A Tasting Pass cannot be reloaded.

Is the Tasting Pass nominative ?

The Tasting Pass is not personal, it can be used by several people. 

How long is the Tasting Pass valid ?

The Tasting pass is valid for the whole duration of the Festival. You can use it in one day or several days. 

I already tasted the wine of a pavillion and want to go back, is it possible ? 

Your ‘favorite’ tasting allows you to go back to 1 pavillion for 1 tasting of your choosing. 

What do I do if I broke my glass ?

A broken glass can be replaced upon presentation of the broken glass and the voucher (print or digital versions accepted). Cost : 5€. 

I’m being offered a tasting Pass on a classified ad site, an online auction site or on the street, what should I do ? 

Never buy a Tasting pass outside of official sites. It could be a fake or canceled Pass. 

How can I enjoy the benefits of the Tasting Pass with your various partners ?

You simply have to show your Tasting Pass. Be careful, the benefits can be limited in numbers depending on our partners. Some will extend them until the end of June. Full list and terms of use available in the Spring.

There are credits left on my Tasting Pass at the end of the Festival, what should I do ? 

Unused credit is lost. We remind you that the Tasting Pass is not nominative and can be shared with friends. 

How can I get my 1€ deposit back ? 

The 1€ deposit will be paid back when you return your magnetic card. You can return it at the Quinconces ticket office during the Festival or at the Office of Tourism until the end of June. However, the glass and its holder belong to you !