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Saint-Émilion - Pomerol - Fronsac

The Saint-Emilion - Pomerol - Fronsac region is divided into ten winemaking appellations, including some of France‘s most prestigious


The Saint-Emilion – Pomerol - Fronsac region is composed of ten AOC (Saint-Emilion, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Lussac Saint-Emilion, Puisseguin Saint-Emilion, Montagne Saint-Emilion, Saint-Georges Saint-Emilion, Pomerol, Lalande de Pomerol, Fronsac and Canon Fronsac) among the most famous in the world. Located on the right bank of the Dordogne, the Saint-Emilion - Pomerol - Fronsac brings together 1500 wine-growers on rich and diverse soils, spread over 12,500 hectares.

These passionate winegrowers strive to produce wines synonymous with the pleasure of the senses, unique moments and sharing that remain forever engraved in the memories.


The topography of Saint-Emilion – Pomerol – Fronsac area is slightly hilly with plateaus and hillsides. 
The soils are diverse, alternating between combinations of gravel, sand, clay and limestone.
The wines of Saint-Emilion – Pomerol - Fronsac are a blend of three grape varieties which are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Their respective proportion varies depending on the soil, the names and properties. However, the Merlot is the Saint-Emilion - Pomerol - Fronsac’s king of grape varieties.

Emmanuelle Bordeille, Château Lambert, Saint-Aignan

“In Saint-Émilion, Pomerol and Fronsac, the idea of what makes a fine land for winemaking was born. Here, the lands are rich with history and are famous throughout the world, and Merlot reigns supreme.
You can also find a wide range of wines, from the most elegant to the most well-structured, and now more and more often produced by women. The price range is also very wide here, and there are many hidden gems to discover, so don’t hesitate!”

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