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The Bordeaux Wine School stand

At the centre of the festival, the pavilion of the Bordeaux Wine School is a must every year! Increasingly original, the experiences offered by this school, decidedly unlike any other, guide neophytes, enthusiasts, amateurs or the curious... on an initiatory journey that is as fun as it is exciting! 
There are no teachers at the helm, only winemakers, oenologists, sommeliers... meticulously selected and accredited by the Bordeaux Wine School. All of them, in addition to their professional activity, have at heart to share their know-how and their passion for wine with as many people as possible. 


The Blending Bar 

An explosive experience around the signature of Bordeaux wines, the blending. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Semillon... festival-goers can choose their favourite blend from among the famous Bordeaux grape varieties. At nightfall, it's time for Bordeaux speakeasy...

The Wine's Up

A challenging game that revisits the three stages of tasting to guess or make a duo guess the mystery wine. Fun and captivating!

The Scene 

To awaken your senses through multiple and (re)creative programming :

  • Initiation to tasting The must-see
    An overview to grasp the subtleties of the grape varieties and aromas and finally put words to his sensations.
  • The perfumes of the wine The olfactory
    This aromatic journey lifts the veil on an important stage of tasting: olfaction. An awakening of the senses to discover the secrets of a wine's bouquet.
  • Oenochef Food and wine pairing
    Marrying flavours, associating aromas, that's what this gourmet workshop is all about, revealing the subtlety and diversity of food and wine pairings. Each workshop has its own culinary destination! 
  • Wine and Cheese La gourmande
    To learn everything and revisit the range of possible agreements between these two iconic products of French gastronomy.  
  • Rock'n'wine The mythical
    Going through a wine tasting as you go through a musical score: an experience not to be missed that sets the party alight every night!  

The Table of Curiosities 

From the vine to the cellar, from the grape to the bottle, Bordeaux wines have many surprises in store for you to discover through inspiring encounters and singular experiences.


The Bordeaux Quiz

An interactive workshop to plunge into the heart of the Bordeaux terroirs and their singularities. 

About the Bordeaux Wine School
Guided by the desire to share the passion of the men and women it represents with as many people as possible, the Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins de Bordeaux (CIVB) founded its school in 1989. Thanks to the diversity of its workshops and the expertise of its trainers, the Bordeaux Wine School trains more than 85,000 people in 21 countries every year.


  • Participation in the Bordeaux Wine School's workshops thanks to the Tasting Pass throughout the festival.
  • Workshops available continuously, in French and English.
  • Reservation recommended.