Wine & Consumer Seminar #9

Do you speak the language of wine?

Wine is a complex product that loosens tongues and appeals to the senses and imagination of everyone. It enjoys a particular gastronomic prestige and therefore, a profusion of descriptors that are specific to it, sometimes perceived as com-plex... A jargon that doesn't mean much to the consumer!
Similarly, these terms are not always unanimously accepted in the profession. The description of wines has functional, sensory and hedonic dimensions, which are obviously subjective: they are largely influenced by the taster's taste experience, culture and knowledge of wines.
Can this lack of common terminology influence the taster's understanding of wine taste? How can we talk about wine without losing the consumer? Is it necessary to "standardize" the tasting discourse? For whom and for what purpose?
This meeting will thus allow us to review the current state of scientific knowledge and to engage in a dialogue between professionals in the sector and consumers on this term that allows us to describe the wines we taste.



  • Stéphanie Marchand-Marion, Professor of Oenology, UMR Œno, Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences, University of Bordeaux
  • Laurent Gautier, Professor of Applied Linguistics, Director of the TIL Interlanguage Centre, Vice-president in charge of research, University of Burgundy

ROUND TABLE moderated by Gilles Brianceau, Inno'vin :

  • Julien Laithier, Founder, Winespace
  • Bruno Quenioux, Owner and Founder, Philovino
  • Harold Farnham, Consulting Director, SOWINE
  • Karine Lavau, Wine Tourism, Communication and Marketing Manager, Famille Lavau

- Thursday 22 June, from 16:00 to 19:00, Palais Rohan (Bordeaux City Hall) -

Practical information
  • Do you speak the language of wine? ISVV, BSE and Inno'vin invite you to the 9th edition of the "Wines and Consumers" seminars which will deal with the "words" of wine.
  • Le 22 June From 16h00 to 19h00
  • Palais Rohan
    33000 - Bordeaux
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