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La Rochelle - Bordeaux   NEW

New this year, the La Rochelle-Bordeaux cruise is one of the highlights of this year’s Wine Festival. Early in the afternoon, visitors board Le Belem and step into the shoes of a sailor. A unique opportunity to relive the naval history of the 19th century.

  • Leave Bordeaux for La Rochelle on a chartered bus
  • Presentation of the boat by the crew

  • Sail from La Rochelle to Bordeaux

  • Learn sailing manoeuvres

  • Dine and sleep onboard (sleep in bunks)

  • Dock in Bordeaux

A bord du Belem

Cruise La Rochelle - Bordeaux

Leave on 16th June late in the morning, arrive back in Bordeaux late on 17th June

Bordeaux Wine Festival
A bord du BELEM : 2 jours d'aventure !

Dès 180.00€ / pers.

Mini cruises Bordeaux-Pauillac
Enjoy a few hours of sailing, with the course set for the Médoc peninsula! Two famous sailing ships, Le Marité and Le Français, propose mini-cruises between Bordeaux and Pauillac, in both directions.

  • Leave from Bordeaux or Pauillac by chartered bus
  • Presentation of the boat by the crew
  • Sail on the river (Pauillac-Bordeaux or Bordeaux-Pauillac)
  • Taste wines from Bordeaux


A bord du Marité