Live concert - Tioma

Make the most of the Bordeaux Wine Festival and enjoy wine in a different way by watching a concert along the quays.

  • Tioma

In real life, Tioma is Hugo, 22, from the Landes region. He sings and raps with his acoustic guitar. His style is hybrid and unrestrained, as beautiful as a promise kept. He composes on guitar and writes his own lyrics. They come from an emotion, an idea, an event that he has experienced or observed. His credo is to transform reality in order to move beyond it.

Practical Infos

  • 24 June
  • 9:05pm > 10:35pm
  • Live concert
  • Platanes Stage
Practical information
  • The Bordeaux Wine Festival is best enjoyed with music! From 22 to 25 June, discover a whole range of local artists to the delight of your ears.
  • Le 24 June From 21h05 to 21h35
  • Scène Platanes
    33000 - Bordeaux
  • Entrée libre.