Live concert - Franck & Damien

Make the most of the Bordeaux Wine Festival and enjoy wine in a different way by watching a live concert along the quays.

  • Franck & Damien

This folk-rock duo from Bordeaux offer a bewitching and catchy sound, combining Franck's warm and suave voice with Damien's slide guitar. The band members are:

  • Franck Claudel: Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
  • Damien Hyerlé: Weissenborn (slide guitar) and percussion

Practical Infos

  • 25 June
  • 6pm > 7:30pm
  • Live concert
  • Platanes Stage
Practical information
  • The Bordeaux Wine Festival is best enjoyed with music! From 22 to 25 June, discover a whole range of local artists to the delight of your ears.
  • Le 25 June From 18h00 to 19h30
  • Scène Platanes
    33000 - Bordeaux
  • Entrée libre.