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The largest French wooden ship, Marité is a diminutive of Marie-Thérèse Le Borgne, the name of the shipwright’s daughter. She was launched as a cod fishing boat for the first time in 1923.

  • Class A - Barquentine
  • Length overall: 45 m

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During the four days of the Bordeaux wine festival, the second largest training ship in the world, the Kruzensthern, and the largest French wooden sailing ship, the Marité, will dock in the “Port of the Moon”. This is an opportunity to get on board and discover the nooks and crannies of these maritime monuments. To discover the history of these exceptional ships, to understand the organization of life on board, to become familiar with the customs of the sailors and the vocabulary of navigation... There is nothing better than an immersive visit!

Bordeaux Wine Festival
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