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The Guayas was launched in 1976 and entered service in 1977. She is one of the tall ships built by the Spanish shipyards in Bilbao: the Guayas for Ecuador, the Gloria for Colombia, the Simón Bolívar for Venezuela and the Cuauhtémoc for Mexico.

The Guayas is 78.4 metres long. Supervised by 60 officers and sailors, the 80 cadets from the Naval Academy on board receive their final training on this ship before joining the Ecuadorian Navy. The Guayas is named after Ecuador's main river and the chief of the pre-Colombian Huancavelica tribe, who lived in the region of Guayaquil, the ship's home port.


  • Class A - Three-masted barque
  • Overall length: 78.4 m 
  • Hull length: 56.1 m 
  • Draft: 4.7 m 
  • Sail area : 1 410 m² (23 sails)
  • Home port: Guayaquil (Ecuador)