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Chef Snacks

Brand new for the 2020 edition are the “cabanes” (“huts”/“shacks”) for food lovers. Here you can find gastro dishes at affordable prices, created by some of Nouvelle-Aquitaine’s finest.

Chef Jésus at the helm

This highlight of the festival is orchestrated by the bad boy of the gastronomy world, Jésus Hurtado.
Nowadays at the head of a new type of cookery school and a culinary expert on France Bleu Gironde, Chef Jésus has experience creating such events in large teams with old-school traditional cooking…
“Mixing a passion for the culinary arts that developed in childhood, a good dose of pedagogy, a cockiness that comes naturally to epicureans: put them all together and you get… Chef Jésus!”
 Oxana Ramat, Cromagnon

Originally from Moldova, Oxana arrived in France in 2006. Accompanied by Stéphane Bégu and Jean-Luc Molle at their wine school in Blanquefort, she became the chef of the restaurant Cromagnon and continued her training in Alain Ducasse’s Parisian cooking school.
Oxana’s cooking is a delicate mix of many influences — Japanese and Italian, but also Moldavian — mostly using local produce like sturgeon or milk-fed lamb. Oxana likes to highlight the work of the producers she works with, often through floral or vegetal interpretations.
Yohan AliasMaison du fleuve

Originally from Bordeaux, Yohan Alias has been working, transmitting his passion, for 20 years. At his restaurant, La Maison du fleuve, he proposes cuisine that is personal, intimate, modern and creative. Passionate and rigorous, he pays special attention to the quality of his products, to the precise cooking times and to delicate pairings. His curiosity and sensibility with regard to international cuisine enrich his work in a subtle way.
Christophe Girardot
Born into a Bordeaux family, he was firstly a line chef at Michel Guérard’s famous restaurant in Eugénie-les-bains before becoming head chef at La Table de Montesquieu in La Brède. He won a Michelin Star in 2010 before taking up the reins once more at La Guérinière (1*). Afterwards, he decided to create his ‘Paradoxe project’: his own business in Cenon which proposes creative, refined cuisine using great ingredients.
Solenn Lemonnier
Having trained at the hotel and catering school in Talence, this young chef from Saint-Malo finished her cooking training under the watchful of eye of Michelin Star chefs.
Christophe Girardot at La Guérinière (1*) helped her on her way to winning the 2014 Best Apprentice in France award after having honed her talent with Jean-Luc Rocha in Cordeillan-Bages (2*).
Sweet stands
The artisans Pariès, Saunion and Seguin will satisfy visitors’ sweet tooth with their respective wares, all 100% local: gâteau basque, espelines (famous sweet treats with a hint of Espelette pepper) and canougats, ice cream and sorbet, but also the to-die-for puits d’amour…