What is a tall ship?

In 2018, they captivated the visitors, who came in great numbers to admire them. The tall ships are back this year, proudly mooring along the quays. During the four days of the Bordeaux Wine Festival, come and discover these legendary boats, walk upon their bridges, meet their crews. Let yourself be whisked away to another world: a world of adventure, the open sea and freedom!

Recognising a tall ship

A tall ship is a monohull boat whose hull measures at least 30 feet (9.14 m). Their class is determined by two criteria: their size and their rigging.

For example, all ships whose hulls measure over 40 m or which have square rigging are A-class ships.

Below that, a ship belongs to:

  • Class B if it has a traditional rig (a fore-and-aft rig).
  • Class C if it has a modern rig (a Bermuda rig) and no spinnaker.
  • Class D if it has a modern rig with a spinnaker.