Partner pavilions

Take a break from tasting at our various partners’ stalls, where they’re offering fun activities!

Région Nouvelle Aquitaine

Each separate region in Nouvelle-Aquitaine has its own complementary attractions; they all have the necessary attributes to make them attractive places to live: and stay!
Made In Nouvelle-Aquitaine has amassed all of the talent and characteristics that make this region so exceptional. Viticulture, one of the area’s leading sectors, is a breeding ground for innovation, aiming to sustain the quality of the region’s wine while reducing its environmental impact, thanks to the VitiREV project led by Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine and stakeholders in the industry.

 At the Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine stand, find all of the exceptional gastronomic products that make this region the best one for gourmet dining in France, plus some of the region’s must-visit sites and legendary expertise. There’ll be a number of different activities, tasting opportunities and a Terra Aventura escape game: explore the region in a different way!

Sud-Ouest and Terre de Vins

The Sud-Ouest newspaper and Terre de Vins magazine are also long standing partners of the Bordeaux Wine Festival, and this year they’re offering a stand where you can take advantage of Bordeaux Wine Festival (Bordeaux Fête le Vin) merchandise and discounts. You can also take part in several activities, with prizes and free passes to win!
TV7 will be present in the Bordeaux Wine Festival media zone, where they’ll be broadcasting special segments throughout the festival, in the morning, lunchtime and evening news, as well as during special programs on the weekend (10am-11am and 3pm-4pm).

Tonnellerie Nadalié

Loyal partners of the Bordeaux Wine Festival, La Tonnellerie Nadalié are once again setting up their barrels on the quays to initiate festival-goers into their work. They’ll show you how they build and heat barrels, revealing the secrets of their ancestral expertise.


At the very heart of the festival, make a stop at the Bordeaux Tourist Office pavilion: organisers of the Bordeaux Wine Festival alongside the CIVB ‘Concours’. Visit this convivial, hybrid space, where you can see how tourism can be done in a sustainable, eco-friendly way. A souvenirs boutique, a relaxation and meeting point, a media space, and more!

Share your Wine Festival experience!
For the 2022 edition of the Bordeaux Wine Festival, the Bordeaux Tourist Office invites you to take part in a brand new activity. The goal is to match up residents and visitors so that they can experience the Bordeaux Wine Festival together. As you discuss, you can share your favourite wines, spots and recommendations. To take part, sign up before 19th June 2022 by clicking on the following link: Sign-up form. We’ll then set up a meeting at the Bordeaux Wine Festival welcome desk on the day of your choice so you can get to know the people you’ve been matched with. Once you’ve introduced yourselves, you’re free to visit the various villages of the Wine Festival together.

This activity is reserved for Tasting Pass holders. You can choose how long you want to spend with your matched partners.