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Embark on an amazing adventure!  

Would you like to be an apprentice sailor during the Tall Ships Regatta? Places are available to join the crew as an apprentice between Liverpool and Bordeaux (about three weeks) or between Dublin and Bordeaux (about two weeks). An opportunity to enjoy a unique experience aboard one of the tall ships participating in the regatta. 


There are no special conditions attached to volunteering to be a “trainee", just plenty of enthusiasm, availability for two or three weeks, being able to speak (a little) English, and being ready to participate in life on board and to contribute towards one’s travelling costs... 



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More information: regatta2018@bordeaux-metropole.fr


By becoming a trainee on one of the tall ships in the race between Liverpool, Dublin, and Bordeaux.

What does being a trainee involve?

Trainees participate in all the tasks that are part of daily life on a tall ship: preparing meals, participating in watches, understand the basic rules of sailing etc. But above all, joining the ship as an apprentice is an opportunity to develop your strengths and hidden talents, and experience the joys of working in a team.

When? For how long?

You can choose to enrol:

  • for the entire Tall Ships Regatta, i.e. about three weeks starting in Liverpool and finishing in Bordeaux, from 25 May to 17 June 2018,
  • or between Dublin and Bordeaux, i.e. about two weeks, from 3 to 17 June 2018.

What language is spoken during the voyage?

English is the common language for all crews. Depending on which ship you are assigned to, you may find yourself talking (or trying to talk) the crew’s language, which could be French, Spanish, Italian, German etc.

Who can be a trainee?

Places are open to everyone, regardless of where they live and their nationality.

However, preference will be given to young people from 16 to 25 years-old.

People with reduced mobility and the visually impaired can also participate: several ships, including the Lord Nelson (three masts 41 meters long), have the necessary facilities.

For minors (from 15 years-old), a special arrangement will be made between the crew and the parents.

How many trainees will be chosen?

Several dozen people will be recruited to be apprentice sailors.

When does registration start?


With the exclusive support of Duval Développement Atlantique - Groupe Duval, major partner of Tall Ships Regatta trainees recruitment.