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Blue, white and red Nights : Fireworks over the Garonne  

Every night at 11.30 pm, a firework display will be organised on the river.


 “The Bordelais are a very receptive and very demanding audience», acknowledges David Proteau. The artistic director of the Ruggieri fireworks factory knows what he is talking about because he is Bordelais himself!

There will be a firework display at the end of every evening at the Bordeaux Wine Festival. The display will take place over the river rather than above any particular monument. «Furthermore», continues David Proteau, “The Bordelais have their own particular values. They expect elegance and innovation, and are fortunate to be relatively spoiled because there are often firework displays in their city”.

«There has to be a real staging», he explains, «that is both festive and crowd-pleasing». Every display has its own artistic theme at the Bordeaux Wine Festival. The 2016 theme is colour. The first night, this will be blue, like water and the sky. The second night, the colour will be white, like chalky terroir and white wine. The third night, the theme will be red, the colour of grapes and red wine. On Sunday, at the very end of the festival, the three colours will be merged – also a reference to the French team competing in the 2016 UEFA European Championship. In addition, French music will be honoured with songs from the 1970s the first evening, the 80s the second evening, and 90s the third evening, and finishing with the 2000s on the last day.

“Planning this display», concludes David Proteau, «is like conducting an orchestra and staying on top of everything: sound, shapes, and colours”.


Practical Informations 

Thursday June 23rd , Friday June 24th, Saturday June 25th, Sunday June 26th at 11.30pm

  • Thursday, June 23 , show fired from a barge near Hangar 14.
  • Friday 24 Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 June, shows fired from a barge at the level of the Miroir d'eau.

Free Access