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Racines, a multimedia show  

Every evening at 11 pm a light show will be projected on the façade of the Palais de la Bourse. During 20 minutes, a spectacular and original event which will transport the viewers into the universe of vines and wine.


Imagine the 200-metre long and 30-metre tall façade of the Palais de la Bourse transformed into an immense screen. Imagine the building’s 192 windows and 9 doors as openings onto a new world. Imagine the honey-coloured stone covered with vines whose leaves rustle in the wind. Imagine statues that come to life in the starry night. Imagine a host of incandescent lights sculpting the relief and the bodies. Imagine the emblem of Bordeaux’s classicism morph into something futuristic evoking dreams and emotions...

This is what Racines offers. A multimedia show put together by Belgian artists Dirty Monitor in conjunction with the Bordeaux lighting engineers Bruno Corsini and Dushow.

An imaginary trip

«Racines was designed to be like an imaginary trip back in time to tell the story of Bordeaux, its wine, and its links with rest of the world», explains Mauro Cataldo, Artistic Director of Dirty Monitor, an internationally reputed group in video mapping 3D (animated visuals projected on relief structures) and VJing (live visual performances using video). He is in charge of Racines, specially designed for Place de Bourse with its ornate facades, mascaroons, and wrought ironwork. «We started out with the splendid 18th century building to change it into something baroque».

In order to make this metamorphosis successful, a team of 15 people worked for several months on using video mapping techniques associated with the plastic arts and graphics: drawings, cartography, engraving, comics, holograms, and 3D. Rich visuals will alternate with black and white images, the gold and yellow of the buildings, and explosions of colours – all illuminated by Bruno Corsini, from Bordeaux.

Technical skills on behalf of emotion

However, above and beyond technology and lighting techniques, Racines intends to arouse emotion, partly thanks to live music provided by the Bow string quintet. The sound track, very much like that of a feature film, adds intensity – such as when the violins reflect the grace and fragility of vines as they reach for the stars. There is no text: «We did not want narration or poetry. We wanted everyone’s imagination to roam free». It’s not the story that counts so much as the trip that we offer».


Practical Informations

Thursday June 23rd , Friday June 24th, Saturday June 25th, Sunday June 26th at 23pm

Free Access. Projections on the façade of the Palais de la Bourse.

With the support of the Banque Populaire Aquitaine Centre Atlantique , EDF, France Kéolis and Vinexpo