Brussels, guest of honour

Brussels – a city in perpetual movement, a crossroads for all art forms – is the 2022 Bordeaux Wine Festival guest of honour. Its regional specialities and culture are being showcased during the festival at the Village Bruxelles, located on the Cailhau site


City of culture

Brussels’ reputation for its cultural wealth is already well-established. You may have heard about it, but come and see for yourself. As sharing is part of this year’s theme, we wanted to share with you the opportunity to discover their culture for yourself at the Village Bruxelles!

Brussels Comics Festival

The city of Brussels is famous for, among other cultural aspects, its comics festival. This year, the festival is taking place in September, but come and get a taste of what’s to come at the Bordeaux Wine Festival! Visitors to the village can see the famous Chat by Gelück, buy figurines of their favourite characters and, with a little luck, win a weekend away in Brussels as part of a photo booth competition.

Participative creation

Festival-goers are invited to come and take part in the creation of a monumental work of art, leaving their mark and their art on a participatory fresco, paying tribute to the city of Brussels.


Belgian gastronomy has plenty to boast about! With sumptuous waffles, croquettes and much more, visitors to the Bordeaux Wine Festival’s Brussels Village won’t be leaving hungry.


Brussels’ culinary culture starts with their famous gaufres. At this stand, festival participants can taste this legendary recipe, revisited by the chef Yves Mattagne, who has come up with sweet and savoury recipes.


The two-time champion of the best prawn croquette competition, chef Fernand Obb, will be present to showcase this traditional croquette.


This institution was created by Véronique Socié (winner of the ‘Best Cheese Maker in Belgium’ competition) and her son. La Fruitière is a polymorphous place, dedicated to cheese: both cheese shop and cheese bar. They serve well-sourced refined dairy products, sold to professionals, and they also have a tasting space, a hub for cheese makers and lovers, making sure that anyone can try the cheeses of the moment at any time on any day of the week.


A Brussels and Belgium institution which takes traditional dishes from Brussels cuisine to new heights. They manage to serve food that is of a sophisticated simplicity: particularly Belgian dishes, made using local organic or ethically-produced products.


Our chef Benoît serves dishes that reflect his values; he uses products with a healthy respect for their natural characteristics. His cuisine isn’t lofty; it’s elegant without being pretentious, and yet its simplicity masks his excellent technique.


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