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Baron de Lestac

Bordeaux’s gravel-rich and chalky clay soils along with mild and wet climate provide the perfect conditions for Baron de Lestac wines to reveal the richness of the Bordeaux’s terroir.

Baron de Lestac is the second most popular Bordeaux wine brand, known and trusted for its consistent quality, vintage after vintage. 
Its availability in 45 countries testifies of its charism and strong identity; a deeply rooted wine in a high quality terroir.

His secrets 

Baron de Lestac is a result of Human labor and many professions mixed with the Castel Frères requirement. A rigorous work carried out hand in hand with our long term winegrower partners, committed to the brand according to quality criteria’s, whether in the plot selections, the best harvesting season, wine-growing techniques or even with the Terra Vitis certification.

Baron de Lestac is aged or vinified in oak barrels from 6 to 8 months to develop a subtlety, an elegance and a tannic structure rarely encountered in this appellation.
The specific blend of Baron de Lestac red comes from 3 typical grape varieties from the region of Bordeaux :
The merlot which gives the wine a round character, supple with fruity and spicy aromas.
The Cabernet Sauvignon aromatic and very colored. It gives the wine power and structure. It tannin’s richness confers an exceptional capacity for aging. 
Le cabernet Franc which gives color and structure to the wine but also a certain delicacy. This grape variety also brings aromas of cocoa/blackcurrant.

His strength: its commitment

The commitment of these talented men and women who help maintain an unchanged quality, vintage after vintage. 
Its commitment to the terroir preservation with the Terra Vitis certification adopted first on 75cl formats then very quickly on BIB formats. 
A commitment to transparency with our consumers to enable them to a better understanding of Bordeaux wines.

Come and meet the Women and Men who have made, make and continue to make Baron de Lestac, the French favorite wine of Bordeaux, vintage after vintage.


Nicolas Jourdan, Marketing Manager for Baron de Lestac, AOC Bordeaux
Baron de Lestac

“Baron de Lestac is the fruit of rigorous hard work, carried out hand in hand with our winegrowers and long-time partners, committed to quality whether it be in choosing plots of land, the best time to harvest, wine-growing techniques or obtaining the Terra Vitis certification.
You can find out about Baron de Lestac by buying a bottle at the store or by visiting the Facebook page, but at Bordeaux Wine Festival you can meet in flesh and blood the men and woman who make France’s favourite Bordeaux wine, vintage after vintage.”

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