Bordeaux Wine Merchants  

Throughout the tasting of their red, white, rosé and sparkling wines, Bordeaux Wine Merchants will make you discover their know-how and their Premium Brands. Stop by the Bordeaux Wine Merchants’ pavilion!


Since the 12th century, the Wine Merchants have been able to take advantage of the shipping routes to conquer new markets for Bordeaux wines.

The explorer DNA

Together, the 120 wine companies of Gironde make up 70% of Bordeaux wines sales throughout more than 170 countries: traditional markets (UK, Germany, Belgium…), but also faraway and emerging markets (USA, Asia, Africa).

Experts on marketing and consumption’s tastes, they provide tailor-made selections of wines to satisfy all channels: restaurants, wine shops, supermarkets, online sales... Wine Merchants are specialists in decoding trends.

Brands of Wines Merchants 

They express each Negociant-eleveur’s identity through the blending of very carefully selected wines coming from the bests “terroirs” and grape varieties.  These “brand wines” are then aged and blended in the merchant’s cellars with constant care before being marketed.

Selected quality, stable prices, attractive packaging, "brand wines" are the best way to taste, love and discover the diversity of Bordeaux wines.