Tall Ships Regatta: The Three Festivals


A number of ships are expected in Bordeaux as part of the Liverpool-Dublin-Bordeaux Tall Ships Regatta, also known as The Three Festivals.

The Tall Ships Regattas are nautical races organized by the Sail Training International / Sail on Board/ Sail on Board association to encourage international friendship and the training of young people in sailing and navigation. Regattas are organized every year all over the world, consisting of stages of several hundred nautical miles, with festivities between each stage. More than half of the crew of each vessel participating in the races is composed of young people aged 25 to 25 who want to experience life on the open sea.

Bordeaux is the final destination of the Tall Ships Regatta. It leaves Liverpool on 28 May, stops in Dublin between 1 and 4 June and then sails to Bordeaux, arriving between 12 and 13 June, so as to participate from 14 to 18 June in the Bordeaux Fête le Vin festival.

The sailboats participating in the race are the Belem, De Gallant, the Morgenster, the Royal Helena, the Arawak, the Atyla, the Belle Poule, the Malouine and the Juan de Langara.

Tall Ships Regatta / Credit: HH Boehm Gulden Leeuw c Sail Training International