The Renard  



Class B 


30 metres


The Renard became legendary after defeating the English schooner Alphéa in 1813. Under the orders of its captain, it was victorious against an opponent that was largely superior both tactically and in terms of fire power. During the particularly violent battle, the Renard’s captain lost an arm and died shortly afterwards. But the Renard’s story does not stop there! She was then fitted out by the famous privateer Robert Surcouf, who became one of the richest and most powerful shipowners in Saint-Malo.

The current Renard is a replica of this privateer vessel, built in 1991, on the basis of 18th and 19th century plans. With Saint-Malo as her home port, she is a magnificent symbol of the history of the city and its privateers.

And so as not to forget her rich past, the bicentenary of her battle against the Alphéa was celebrated in 2013!

Topsail cutter privateer

How to recognize her

She is yellow with a broad black strip along her entire length.

Did you know that...

The vessel’s fire power was relatively modest, with just four 4-pounder guns and ten 8-pounders.