Class A


48 metres


When the Morgenster was launched in 1919 in the Netherlands, with the name of Vrouw Maria, she was originally a fishing vessel in the North Sea, powered by sail, and then an engine was fitted in 1928. After changing hands several times, and a series of ups and downs, the fortunes of this two-masted Dutch brig, with its steel hull and deck, changed in 1993, when she was purchased by Marian and Harry Muter, with the idea of turning her into a training ship.

Fortunately, numerous volunteers helped the enthusiastic new owners to restore the boat, which was in very poor condition. Particular attention was paid to the purity of her lines, regarding both the deck and the eight cabins. Since then, the Morgenster has sailed the Atlantic coast with enviable elegance and speed.


How to recognize her

She is the only two-mast ship with a black hull with a thin yellow strip.

Did you know that...

Morgenster means "Morning Star" in Dutch.



More information to come...