La Nébuleuse


In 1948, two shipowners commissioned a unique tuna ketch to be built by the famous Pointe de Rocamadour shipyard. Unfortunately, one of the two partners died during construction; his son decided to complete the boat in his memory.

La Nébuleuse was launched at the end of the summer 1949, and by the following summer had a crew that consisted of eight men and a dog. She quickly won a reputation as the best tuna boat in the Camaret region, performing excellently at sea with a tight-knit crew that developed solid experience. In 1972, the ship was modernized, and the deck was redesigned to fish for scallops in the winter. Benefiting from the improved facilities, the crew continued to fish with great success!  La Nébuleuse’s tuna catches were so plentiful that she became known as the “sous-marin vert” (green submarine). She remained in service until 1987 when, due to the fishing industry crisis, she had to be sold, despite still being perfectly seaworthy. But that was not to be the end of the line! After no less than eight years in the Voiles & Traditions shipyard in Paimpol, she emerged fully restored, a Class B sailing ship, classified as being of heritage value, to offer cruises in France and Europe!

How to recognize her

Her blue-white-orange sails!

Did you know?

Like all traditional tuna boats, La Nébuleuse carried out two types of fishing: tuna in summer and dragnet in winter.


Practical information