THE BIGGEST - Class A - Four-mast barque - Length: 114.50 metres


114 meters long and the height of a cathedral, the Krusenshtern is the second largest sailing ship in the world.  This four-masted Russian barque designed in 1926 by the German navy. At that time she was a cargo sailing vessel that operated as part of Hamburg’s merchant navy, maintaining links with Latin America and Oceania, from which she brought saltpetre and wheat. Having survived the Second World War, she was surrendered by Germany to the USSR in 1946 as a war reparation, and renamed after the Russian explorer Adam Johann von Krusenshtern. Motorized and modernized several times, she carried out scientific missions in the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean for the USSR, before becoming a training ship for future officers.  She was then assigned to the Estonian Fisheries Industry for a decade, before being transferred to Kaliningrad in 1991, her current home port. Now a training ship again, she hosts hundreds of cadets throughout the year and regularly takes part in international regattas, that assemble the world’s largest traditional sailing ships.

Four-mast barque - Length: 114.50 metres

How to recognize her
Her hull is black with a broad white band, painted with black rectangles that give the illusion of gun ports from a distance.

Did you know that ... 
She made her fastest voyage, a return trip from Hamburg to Port Lincoln in Australia between 1938 and 1939, in just under 9 months, under the command of Captain Richard Wendt. This is a world record that has never been beaten.