THE MOST SYMBOLIC - Class A - Three-mast full-rigged frigate - Length: 66 metres


Note that the Hermione will be present from 10 to 14 June at the Cité du Vin’s landing stage.

Before returning to her home port of Rochefort, she will come and salute visitors at Bordeaux Fête le Vin on Thursday 14 June at around 8pm, with a resounding cannonade! There is a charge for tours of the Hermione, which can be booked on www.bordeaux-tourisme.com

Three-mast full-rigged frigate

How to recognize her 

Her hull is painted royal blue, yellow and black.

Did you know?

A ship that will always be linked to La Fayette and the American Revolutionary War

In 1779, the French nobleman and politician La Fayette managed to convince King Louis XVI to provide military and financial assistance to General Washington’s troops. A year later, he sailed to America on board the frigate Hermione, which had been built over the previous two years in Rochefort, to fight alongside the Americans in the American Revolutionary War. He landed in Boston after a 38-day crossing and joined General Washington to announce the imminent arrival of French reinforcements. Eighteen months later, the revolutionaries won decisive victories at sea, and then at Yorktown on land and sea with the support of French troops.