Étoile du Roy  



Class A 


47 metres


The Etoile du Roy is the reconstitution of a British frigate of 1745, that served in the Battle of Trafalgar at the beginning of the 19th century.

Built in Turkey in 1996 on the basis of historical designs, this replica of a three-masted 18th century ship was created for the British TV series Hornblower, which was filmed almost exclusively on board the Etoile du Roy!

This little gem can claim several titles: third largest French sailing ship, second largest wooden sailing ship, just after the Hermione, and the largest ship in the Etoile Marine fleet, to which it belongs.

This mythical vessel, which has 20 operational guns, is an invitation to immerse oneself in history.   The present crew is always ready to fire a few blank rounds, producing a magnificent cannonade. An impressive way of greeting its audience!

Three-mast full-rigged frigate

How to recognize her

It is the only one to have a squat hull, typical of the 18th century, in yellow and black!

Did you know that...

The original figurehead on the prow represented a Turk in 18th century clothing. A new figurehead was installed in 2012, during a stopover in the Tall Ships race in Saint Malo.  It now represents a legendary female privateer, Violette de la Hisse (la Hisse is a small port in the Côtes-d'Armor). The new figurehead portrays her with a mermaid’s tail.


Practical information