El Galeón  



Class A 


49 metres


El GaleÓn is the only replica of a Spanish 17th century galleon. This is the type of ship that provided transport between Spain, Asia and America for more than three centuries.

Such ships transported not only merchandise but also ideas, cultures, and people:  the galleons were an early form of globalization, spreading Spanish culture across the world.

When the Nao Victoria Foundation decided to build a replica of a galleon to be launched in 2011, the project was greeted with enthusiasm all over Spain! Thousands of people gathered for the launch in Punta Unbria / Huelva on the Atlantic coast of Andalucia.

Today El GaleÓn navigates the oceans, seas and straits, in the style of her illustrious ancestors!


How to recognize her

She is the only ship with a wooden hull, with a rounded shape, and square white sails!

Did you know that...

On board, there are 3,288 metres of rope, 7 sails, and 2 anchors each weighing 880 kg.