Launched in 1916 with the name Jannetje Margaretha, the De Gallant was originally a Dutch sail boat used for herring fishing in the North Sea. In 1926, she was purchased by a Danish shipowner who put her into service as a tramp ship under the name of Gertrud. The Zeilschip De Gallant Foundation purchased the ship in 1987 and carried out a full restoration as part of a youth project in Amsterdam. And so it was that the De Gallant returned to her country of origin, and now sails in various waters, in the North and Baltic seas and in the Channel as a sailing training ship. She offers the young ship’s apprentices an authentic, human adventure!

How to recognize her

The De Gallant was built in the style of the early 20th century fishing boats. She has a steel hull, painted cobalt blue.

Did you know?

Her remarkable restoration was due to Henk Stallinga, one of the two men who saved the Thalassa from a tragic end. Seriously damaged after a frontal impact with a Second World War wreck, the Thalassa sank in August 1984. After quickly refloating her and overcoming various problems, the future restorer of the De Gallant transformed her into the boat of his dreams…  


Practical information