Class B 


31 metres


Esteban Vicente Jiménez’s dream was to circumnavigate the world following the route of the Portuguese explorer Magellan and the Basque explorer Elcano. But for this former Spanish canoe champion, the only way to do the circumnavigation properly was to construct his own schooner, out of wood, according to 19th century plans.

Construction of the Atyla began in 1980 in the Spanish region of Castile and León. Four years later, this replica topsail schooner was launched on its maiden voyage.

Now a training ship, it has yet to set off around the world in the style of the great 16th century navigators, as was its creator’s dream, but has already travelled 40,000 nautical miles, or 73,000 kilometres.

Topsail schooner
Vanuatu (Oceania)

How to recognize her

It is the only two-masted ship with a red hull.

Did you know that...

The Atyla flies the Vanuatu flag rather than the Spanish flag. This is because Spanish legislation does not allow a sailing ship like the Atyla (all in wood, built in the 1980s) to navigate outside Spanish waters with non-professional sailors on board.  However, the idea of the Atyla training boat project was to be able to sail with amateurs and non-professionals for educational purposes. This is permitted by the legislation in Vanuatu.