Bordeaux Port Atlantique  

Bordeaux Port Atlantique est une plate-forme industrielle et logistique reposant sur 7 sites, répartis sur l'estuaire de la Gironde : Le Verdon, Pauillac, Blaye, Ambès, Grattequina, Bassens, et Bordeaux – Port de la Lune.


Bordeaux Port Atlantique is an industrial and logistics platform with 7 sites, spread over the Gironde estuary: Le Verdon, Pauillac, Blaye, Ambès, Grattequina, Bassens, and Bordeaux - Port of the Moon.

Ideally positioned on the Atlantic coastline, the Port of Bordeaux receives between 8 and 9 million tons of merchandise each year (the equivalent of 400,000 trucks) via its seven specialized terminals:

  • Le Verdon: Containers, Reception of cruise ships
  • Pauillac: Hydrocarbons, A380 Logistics Centre
  • Blaye: Cereals, Chemical products
  • Ambès: Petrochemical products, Hydrocarbons
  • Grattequina: Oversized cargo, aggregates
  • Bassens (multiple-bulk terminal): cereals, containers, wood, oils, aggregates, coal, recycling etc.
  • Bordeaux - Port of the Moon (dedicated passenger traffic terminal): reception of cruise ships

Bordeaux Port Atlantique also has ship dismantling and naval repair facilities. Every year 25 vessels are put in dry docks for technical servicing and for port and maritime maintenance.

Bordeaux Port Atlantique’s activities create more than 4,900 direct jobs, spread over 200 establishments.

Bordeaux Port Atlantique has been one of BGE’s historical partners in the organization of its events, due to its proximity to the Garonne. Once again Bordeaux Port Atlantique will be working with BGE during the Tall Ships Regatta, in order to facilitate and ensure the safety of the tall ships on the river, and to present the history of wine transport by sea in an exhibition entitled "Of Rivers and Vineyards".



  • Tél : 05 56 90 58 00