Access for people with disabilities  

Bordeaux Fête le Vin places particular importance on issues of access, suitability, safety and visibility of the sites for people with disabilities, particularly with regard to mobility.


General accessibility

Access to facilities complies with standards for persons with reduced mobility (PRM): cash-point machines suitable for PRM, tents and public buildings equipped with access ramps, ramps to cover cables, implementation of suitable counters, public car parks and bathroom facilities compliant with accessibility standards, two short-term parking areas for persons with reduced mobility.

Signposting throughout the site to enable access to the various facilities (car parks, toilets, first-aid etc.).

Access to the Tall Ships

Some of the access ramps/landing stages allow PRM access: La Cité du Vin, Les Hangars, Albert Londres, Ariane, Jean-Jaurès, Ponton d’honneur, Ponton Yves Parlier (right bank). During low tides, the gradient to the landing stages can reach 15%. Accompaniment by someone who can provide assistance is recommended.

PMR access to the tall ships cannot be guaranteed due to the narrowness of their ramps.

Access for people with crutches will depend on the instructions issued by the captains of the ships.


In collaboration with Duval Développement Atlantique, the exclusive sponsor of the recruitment of trainees in Bordeaux Metropole, 17 trainees with disabilities (and 7 carers) have been allocated to four sailing ships for the Dublin-Bordeaux leg of the Tall Ships Regatta.