Planning your time...


One-evening schedule - no. 1

  • 12 tastings on the 11 wine pavilions with the Tasting Pass
  • Dinner at the producers, food-trucks or Bodegas
  • A workshop at the Bordeaux Wine School
  • Deck party aboard a tall ship with a breath-taking view of the fireworks
  • Free Dragon Fireworks pyrotechnic display

One-day schedule - no. 2

  • Tour of the Tall Ships
  • Explore the tourism and partner pavilions
  • Visit the Of Rivers and Vineyards exhibition along the quays
  • Enjoy music and dance on the quays
  • Take a spin on the river on one of the old ships
Planning your time / Credit Vincent Bengold
Planning your time / Credit Vincent Bengold

Two-day schedule - no. 3

  • A ride on the Ferris wheel for a panoramic view
  • Visit the Cité du Vin, by day or by night
  • Barrel-rolling and cooperage demonstrations
  • Les-rouleurs-de-barriques-Credit-Vincent-Bengold

Highlights... day by day