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A Digital Tasting Pass


Having decided to abandon a paper pass, the Bordeaux Wine Festival decided to rely on an innovative technological solution already used for several other major international events. This makes it possible to monitor access and payment with an RFID (Radio Frequence Identification) card. A Canadian firm, Intellitix, was chosen to produce this. Leaders in their field, they had already proved their expertise in the Aquitaine region at the Garorock Festival.

The Tasting Pass (good for 13 tastings) will now consist of a digital card and each pavilion will be equipped with nine RFID readers to make things more efficient.

This digital pass, a major innovation in 2016, is part of a major effort to limit the size and number of printed documents both during and after the festival. Communication is now being done increasingly via the website (where the full programme can be downloaded) and social networks rather than in print versions.