The Bodegas  

Bodegas for the epicurean who prefers the comfort of a terrace to enjoy their meal.


Foie Gras de Sirguet

Périgord. In collaboration with Chef Rémy Le Charpentier:  tasting plate, farmhouse tapas, Périgord salad, potted meat sandwiches, foie gras pâté, grilled duck breast with foie gras.


Arcachon Oysters.

La Ferme De Hournadet

Landes / Chalosse. Potted meat sandwiches, Hournadet pâté, foie gras, shredded duck burger, pasta with spicy Basque duck, French fries.

Maison Basque de Bordeaux

Simple and elaborate pintxos, selection of pintxos, cornet of Basque products, Basque sandwiches, cider and soft drinks.

Jean De Rocamadou

Périgord. Thin strips of duck breast, cheesy “paysanne”potatoes, duck foie gras, sandwiches with foie gras “au torchon”.

Le Verger Corrézien / La  Ferme  des  Parettes

Corrèze. Strawberries served with or without whipped cream, strawberry tiramisu, house sorbets made with fruit from the Corrèze and farmhouse ice-cream with chestnuts, walnuts, crumble or Limousin apples.

Lou Cantou / La Ferme de Berchat

Corrèze. Skewers, milk-fed veal escalope, potatoes and cep mushrooms or millasou potato cake, Limousin apple compote, milk-fed veal escalope sandwich, portions of potatoes and Corrèze cep mushrooms, Corrèze cheese plates.

Elevage Pascal Lavergne

Vallée du Dropt. Bazas farmhouse burger with house French fries.


Charente. In partnership with Chef Christophe Girardot: burger with foie gras, cep and fig ice-cream, pancakes, cabécou goat’s cheese, tomato basil and rocket ice-cream, strawberry soup, iced coffee...

La Ferme de Lalibert

Lot-et-Garonne. Salad of duck hearts, lightly-cooked duck foie gras with Espelette pepper and

Agen prune jam, duck burger with prune and onion preserve, house French fries.


Bodegas Focus

La Ferme de Sirguet

At the Ferme de Sirguet in Perigord, Romain raises foie gras ducks in the traditional way with whole maize.  The ducks are slaughtered and processed on site, and the products are sold throughout

the year at the farm and local markets.