Local producers for visitors in a hurry who just want to try something new


Le Pain des pins

Perigord Limousin Nature Park. Farmhouse brioche, chestnut cake, spice bread, brioche with foie gras, potato cake, Perigord “croustade”, ice-creams, country-style bread.

Glacier Lacroix / Courres

Landes. Home-made ice-cream, scoops or soft-serve.

La Ferme Prétou

Béarn. Duck foie gras sandwiches, black pudding, cooked ham.

Etablissements Rèveleau

Atlantic coast. Shellfish, oysters, prawns, whelks, fish & chips.

Maison Paries

Basque Country. Kanouga, mouchou (macaroons), Basque cake, tourons (nougat), espelines (toasted almonds with Espelette pepper)… since 1895.


Basque Country. Cheeses from the Basque Country.


Basque Country. Charcuterie and preserved products.

Pierre Oteiza

Basque Country. Ham sandwiches, charcuterie, cheese, Basque cake.

Ferme Maubay

Charente-Maritime, Saintonge. Savoury and dessert pancakes.

Marayn de Bartassac

Gironde. Savoury and dessert pancakes.  Cheese plates (cow and goat’s milk), Esgoulade (curd cheese) open sandwich.

Le Boulot Campagnard

Gironde. Fougasses, filled breads, Basque cake, fritters, pastries, Jésuites (flaky almond pastries)…

Le Saumon Fumé bordelais

Atlantic coast. Seafood and aquaculture products. Organic smoked salmon salad.


Producer focus

La Ferme Prétou

Ferme Prétou on the outskirts of Vic-Bilh, in northern Béarn, has been successfully making high quality farmhouse products for generations. Today, André Candau has taken up the torch, distributing products from the Ferme Prétou and other local producers on a short supply chain model.