Juice Bars


Le Pain des pins

Perigord Limousin Nature Park. Syrups, 100% fresh fruit juices (melon, apple, orange, kiwi, etc.), fruit and vegetable smoothies (peach, cherry, strawberry, etc.), nectars

and non-dairy cream with fruit, hot drinks (coffee, tea, chocolate), farmhouse and artisanal drinks.

Maison Meneau - ORGANIC

Mango-passion fruit and banana-strawberry smoothies, 100% pure orange and apple juice made with organic local apples, iced teas, peach green tea, mint green tea, cola and lemonade, lemon, pomegranate, mint, peach and coffee granitas (with demos by Fernand and Paulette).

Orange pressée

Martillac. Freshly squeezed juices.


Charente.   Frozen Charentais smoothies, with 100% natural ice-cream made with milk from Bienvenue à la Ferme in the Charente

or ice-creams (70% milk), sorbets (60% fruit minimum), coffee, Abatilles water.

Le Bar de Cordouan

Drinks, pancakes and waffles.

Festifruits 19 / Eat lim

Corrèze. 100% smoothies, 100% Corrèze! Sparkling juices and smoothies from Corrèze. Press your own juice with the bicycle-press!


Juice bar focus

Maison Meneau

A craft organic drinks producer based in Bordeaux,

Maison Meneau has been run by the same family since 1879. It offers a wide range of syrups, juices, nectars, smoothies, lemon squash and lemonade, and is devoted to creating high-quality, flavourful recipes, using organic, fair-trade ingredients. The offices, shop and factory are all run on 100% renewable energy.