Tall Ships departure parade  

The departure of the tall ships is always an unforgettable spectacle.  All visitors to the festival, and the people of Bordeaux and the Gironde, are invited to come and bid farewell to the captains and their crews. They will be sailing up the largest estuary in Europe, and passing the legendary Cordouan Lighthouse before regaining the open sea.


Some will then be bound for the Baltic Sea, others for Brittany, Spain or their home port. The Belem will be starting a wonderful cruise whose first stage will take

fifty pilgrims from Bordeaux to Santiago de Compostela.  Even the Patrouille de France jets will be there to send them off!

It will be possible to accompany the Departure Parade on board the Etoile du Roy, the Nébuleuse or the Etoile Molène, sailing down the estuary in the middle of the tall ships fleet. Three cruises to Pauillac or Blaye are available.

Departure of the Tall Ships Fleet

Departure of the parade from the quays


  • Monday 18 June, 11am (depending on the currents and tide). Visible from the quays.



  • Monday 18 June, departure at 11am. Assemble for boarding between 10am and 10.30am
  • Return to Bordeaux on a chartered bus. Arrival: between 5pm and 6pm
  • Not recommended for children under 5 yrs-old

On board the Étoile du Roy

  • From Bordeaux to Pauillac
  • Price: € 130 Includes lunch on board
  • Sold out

On board the Nébuleuse and the Étoile Molène

  • From Bordeaux to Blaye
  • Price: € 50 With picnic lunch brought by participants
  • Sold out

Jet flyover!

Get ready!  Eight Patrouille de France alphajets, with smoke generators will make two flyovers between the Pont de Pierre and the Chaban-Delmas bridges, at an altitude of 150 metres!

  • Monday 18 June: flyovers scheduled at 10.45am (north to south) and 10.47am (south to north)